Centre themes

Quantifying the problem (Theme Lead: Melanie Morris)

Epidemiology of chronic conditions.

Explaining the problem (Theme Lead: Harry Rutter)

Modifiable upstream determinants and socioeconomic impacts related to chronic conditions.

Acting on the problem (Theme Lead: Adrianna Murphy)

Policies, health systems response, and implementation science for addressing chronic conditions.



The key approaches followed by the Centre include:

  • Multi-disciplinary research to examine the challenges posed by global chronic conditions, including complex intervention evaluation and complex systems thinking.
  • A comprehensive scope from aetiology and prevention to management of chronic conditions.
  • Improving the quality of data related to chronic conditions.
  • International comparisons and collaborations to promote transnational learning across low, middle and high-income countries; including promotion of South-to-South collaboration.
  • Promotion of research and learning across chronic conditions, including mental health and chronic communicable diseases.
  • Focus on particularly vulnerable groups such as migrant populations and those affected by humanitarian crises and large-scale social change.
  • Promotion of innovation across Centre activities (with a particular focus on the use of information and communication technology, or eHealth).